Deep Purple - Anthology
EMI  (1991)
Hard Rock

In Collection

CD    27 tracks  (151:17) 
Anthology (CD 1)  (75:41)
   01   Hush             04:24
   02   Mandrake Root             06:07
   03   Shield             06:02
   04   Wring That Neck             05:12
   05   The Bird Has Flown             05:35
   06   Bloodsucker             04:08
   07   Speed King             05:52
   08   Black Knight             03:27
   09   Child In Time             10:18
   10   Fireball             03:21
   11   Strange Kind Of Woman (Live)             08:45
   12   No One Came             06:25
   13   Highway Star             06:05
Anthology (CD 2)  (75:36)
   01   Smoke On The Water (Live)             06:47
   02   Pictures Of Home             05:06
   03   Woman From Tokyo             05:49
   04   Smooth Dancer             04:10
   05   Sail Away             05:48
   06   Lay Down Stay Down             04:18
   07   Burn (Live)             06:43
   08   Stormbringer             04:07
   09   Hold On             05:06
   10   Gypsy             04:02
   11   Mistreated (Live)             11:42
   12   Gettin' Tighter             03:37
   13   Love Child             03:05
   14   You Keep On Movin'             05:16
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number 796129-2
UPC (Barcode) 007779612925
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Producer Martin Birch; Deep Purple
Review by Ed Rivadavia The first made-for-compact disc Deep Purple collection, Anthology still offers a satisfying, extended glimpse at the seminal English hard rockers without the extra fat (meaning the rare outtakes) of the comprehensive Shades quadruple box set. And despite Anthology's mid-70's cutoff date (all material from the '80s and '90s albums by the re-formed Mark II lineup, and various incarnations thereof are ignored) surprisingly little essential material is omitted from this set. Five tracks from the mostly forgotten Mark I lineup make the cut, including the group's first charting single "Hush," but are quickly and summarily eclipsed by the arrival of Gillan & Glover on such timeless classics as "Black Night," "Child in Time," "Strange Kind of Woman," "Highway Star," etc. Curiously, the ubiquitous "Smoke on the Water" is featured here in its Made in Japan live version, rather than the studio original - a decision which may upset some consumers. Finally, ten mostly well-picked examples of the David Coverdale-fronted Mark III formation bring the set to a close; with special kudos going to a monstrous 12-minute live rendition of the classic "Mistreated."