Dire Straits - On Every Street
Vertigo  (1991)

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CD    12 tracks  (60:16) 
   01   Calling Elvis             06:27
   02   On Every Street             05:04
   03   When It Comes To You             05:01
   04   Fade To Black             03:50
   05   The Bug             04:16
   06   You And Your Friend             05:59
   07   Heavy Fuel             04:56
   08   Iron Band             03:09
   09   Ticket To Heaven             04:25
   10   My Parties             05:32
   11   Planet Of New Orleans             07:48
   12   How Long             03:49
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
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Cat. Number 510168-2
UPC (Barcode) 731451016028
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Producer Mark Knopfler
Review by William Ruhlmann It took Mark Knopfler more than six years to craft a follow-up to Dire Straits' international chart-topper, Brothers in Arms, but although On Every Street sold in the expected multi-millions worldwide on the back of the band's renown and a year-long tour, it was a disappointment. Knopfler remained a gifted guitar player with tastes in folk ("Iron Hand"), blues ("Fade to Black"), and rockabilly ("The Bug"), among other styles, but much of the album was low-key to the point of being background music. The group had long since dwindled to original members Knopfler and bassist John Illsley, plus a collection of semi-permanent sidemen who provided support but no real musical chemistry. This was not the comeback it should have been.