Natalie Imbruglia - Left Of The Middle
RCA  (1998)

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CD    12 tracks  (55:45) 
   01   Torn             04:04
   02   One More Addiction             03:31
   03   Big Mistake             04:33
   04   Leave Me Alone             04:23
   05   Wishing I Was There             03:53
   06   Smoke             04:37
   07   Pigeons And Crumbs             05:19
   08   Don't You Think             03:55
   09   Impressed             04:48
   10   Intuition             03:23
   11   City             09:33
   12   Left Of The Middle             03:46
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number 74 321 571 382
UPC (Barcode) 743215713821
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Producer Phil Thornally
Expectations for Natalie Imbruglia's debut album Left of the Middle were high because of the runaway success of the pre-album single "Torn" during 1997-1998. Fans of the single will be pleased to hear that the album is quite similar in approach and sound to the breakthrough single: laid-back alterna-pop with sweetly melodic vocals. Admittedly, some of the material will be seen as pop fluff by certain listeners, but fans of popular latter-day female artists like Paula Cole, Sheryl Crow, and Meredith Brooks will find Imbruglia's debut most enjoyable. What separates Imbruglia from the aforementioned artists is her willing to experiment with electronic sounds, no doubt courtesy of mixer Nigel Godrich (of Radiohead fame), which can be heard on such tracks as "Smoke." "Torn" proves to be the best song on the album, with its bouncy acoustic feel, but the pop/rocker "Big Mistake" is almost as good. Not all of the material on Left of the Middle fairs as well, however, such as the Alanis Morissette sound-alike "Intuition," but Natalie Imbruglia need not worry about being lumped into the copycat category; for the most part, she has a style all her own