Van Halen - Secret Gig
Kiss The Stone  (1995)
Hard Rock

In Collection

CD    9 tracks  (51:52) 
   01   Seventh Seal             05:55
   02   Judgement Day             05:24
   03   Don't Tell Me             05:39
   04   Amsterdam             08:01
   05   Panama             04:45
   06   Standing On Top Of The World             04:57
   07   Feelin'             06:12
   08   Best Of Both Worlds             06:39
   09   Ain't Talking 'bout Love             04:20
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number KTS 405
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Vocals Sammy Hagar
Guitar Eddie Van Halen
Bass Michael Anthony
Drums Alex Van Halen
Producer -
Recorded live in Luxor, Arnhem, Holland 27-01-95

The production of the disc and liner notes is very high quality. Liner notes, (6 panes double-sided), include many full color photos of the band, mostly individually, one all together. It also includes a catalog summary for CD Music Co. which is overlayed on top of some of the pictures on four of the 12 panes.
The cover of the disc is a picture of Ed and Sammy in concert (probably the F.U.C.K. tour) with the oval VH logo. The back of the disc has the songs and times overlayed on a picture of Ed playing. The CD tray is clear with a picture of Sam & Ed.
Sound quality, DDD, don't think it can get much better...