Van Halen - Rockin' Into The Night
Red Robin Records  (1978)
Hard Rock

In Collection

CD    15 tracks  (70:26) 
   01   I'm On Fire             02:57
   02   I'm The One             04:31
   03   Runnin With The Devil             04:23
   04   Atomic Punk             03:36
   05   Little Dreamer             04:04
   06   Down In Flames             04:23
   07   Feel Your Love             04:06
   08   Ain't Talkin Bout Love             07:35
   09   Ice Cream Man             05:05
   10   Somebody Get Me A Doctor             03:39
   11   Eruption - D.O.A.             08:02
   12   Jamie's Crying             03:14
   13   You Really Got Me             06:44
   14   Bottoms Up             05:15
   15   Summertime Blues             02:52
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number 04
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Vocals David Lee Roth
Guitar Eddie Van Halen
Bass Michael Anthony
Drums Alex Van Halen
Producer -
Live, Osaka, Japan, 1978

The front has a picture of Ed, circa 1978. The back has got a nice full color closeup shot of DLR. Sound quality is so-so for a recording from this era. All the dialog between songs has been edited out in this one.
An interesting song on this one is "Down In Flames." Would anyone out there know if this was a Van Halen cover, or was it an unreleased Van Halen song that they just happened to play in concert?
Dave isn't too trashed in this one, and actually does sing most the lyrics.