Van Halen - Covers Band From Pasedena
Ready Go!  (1976)
Hard Rock

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CD    17 tracks  (73:35) 
   01   Believe Me             04:44
   02   Show Your Love             05:24
   03   Intro             01:42
   04   Last Child             02:51
   05   Live From The Music             03:18
   06   Runnin With The Devil             03:27
   07   The Rover             04:32
   08   Sweet Emotion             07:03
   09   Waiting For The Bus             03:56
   10   Walk This Way             03:45
   11   Superstitious             09:22
   12   Still Alive And Well             02:54
   13   Firehouse             03:07
   14   Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers             03:13
   15   Keep Playing That Rock N Roll             03:47
   16   Twist And Shout             02:18
   17   30 Days In The Hole - Francine - Goodbye To Jane             08:12
Personal Details
Owner Terje Dokken
Cat. Number RG CD 001
UPC (Barcode) 149811100124
Packaging Jewel Case
Sound Stereo
Vocals David Lee Roth
Guitar Eddie Van Halen
Bass Michael Anthony
Drums Alex Van Halen
Producer -
Live at Aeros Bogarts, San Bernarndino, CA 1976

The front cover is a picture of Dave (1984 era).
The inside front cover is a picture of Eddie playing White/Black stripped guitar in black leather pants.
The back cover is a picture of all 4 in a dressing room (obviously after a show 1979 era) w/a purple band at the top that say's "Recorded Live At Aeros Bogarts, San Bernadino, California 1976". The rest of the back cover has a black background w/ the picture as described above w/ track listings below.
The inside back cover (under the CD) is a picture of Dave, Mike and Ed on stage (1982 era).
The disc itself is Silver/Black w/"Halen Bros" on the silver side in red ink and "Ready Go" in silver ink on the black side.
Since the initial recording was done on a recorder that the batteries were getting weaker as the show went on; each song was digitally speed corrected and then the whole show put back together. No tape hiss, everything is eq'd.
The recording is a pretty good audience recording from that era. You can hear people talking at times, but mostly in between the songs. A couple pieces sounded like it needed to be spliced together but overall an excellent recording from that time.
Track 3 is not an "intro". It's just Ed & Mike fiddling around with their instruments while the others get ready.